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David Epstein

Bracelet and Pendant

David Epstein has been designing and creating jewelry for thirty eight years. Inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds his hillside studio, he designs pieces that reflect the harmony and elegance of the natural world.

David and his wife Yvonne left their home state of New Jersey to start a new adventure in the rugged mountains of Vermont. They settled in Hinesburg, a picturesque small town in the Champlain Valley, south of Burlington. Once he established a studio, his jewelry career grew in earnest. He created a line of jewelry and brought it to market via retail and wholesale craft fairs.


His style can be considered both classical and contemporary. Some designs are free form and flowing, while others are highly stylized pieces with unusual stones and pearls set in art deco designs. Acute attention to detail is his hallmark. The quality of his finishes reflect David's passion for his craft; his silver and gold pieces shine brilliantly.

His work appears in juried and invitational shows throughout the country. David has shared his experience and inspiration with his jewelry students at Frog Hollow, Vermont's state craft center in Burlington and also at his home studio in Hinesburg.


Approximately 10 years ago David launched “Lake Champlain Beach Stone Jewelry”, a new line of silver earrings, pendants, and bracelets made from Iberville shale. These black and white striped stones can be found on the shores of Lake Champlain and were formed nearly 500 million years ago, at the same time the mountains became part of the landscape of Vermont.

In this new and original line of jewelry, David brings his creativity and love of nature together with stones from the heart of Vermont.

David Epstein

It started on a beach outing in Charlotte when David, his wife Yvonne, and some friends admired the unusual gray and white striped stones underfoot. After initial cutting and polishing, it was clear that Iberville shale set in silver made stunning jewelry unique to Vermont - jewelry that reminds both wearer and admirers of the history and essence of the great state of Vermont. It is no surprise that an artist who so reveres nature would look to this unusual natural resource as an inspiration for new keepsake pieces.

I love the fact that my jewelry will endure as a long lasting symbol of someone's love, and be passed down from one generation to the next. My hope is that my passion for this craft is reflected in my work.

David became a juried member of Vermont Hand Crafters in 1980 and his excellent work can be seen at CraftVermont, the annual show presented by Vermont Hand Crafters each November at the Sheraton Conference Center in South Burlington, Vermont.

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