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The mission of the Vermont Hand Crafters is to inspire, nurture and promote the creative community of fine crafts and arts in Vermont.

Akshata Nayak


Akshata Nayak was born and raised in the city of Bangalore in southern India. She moved to America for her graduate studies in late 2003, earning a Masters in Biochemistry and, a few years later, a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

The Orange Owl was set up with two basic ideas in mind. One, provide all-natural, handmade skin care products that leave you feeling extraordinary. And two, do this in an eco-friendly and socially-conscious manner.

bath salts

The Orange Owl is 100% chemical free - no parabens, dyes, silicones, phthalates, sulfates, fragrance oils or petroleum products here. The packaging is green, and all our products are vegan-friendly. We find the inspiration for our products in a myriad of places. From the smell of early morning coffee with a hint of cinnamon, hikes along some of the most beautiful trails in New England, to a plethora of experiences in India, we have epiphanies all the time. Experience our products, just as we have.

lip balm

The Owl also believes that as you move ahead in life, you have to give back to your community. To this end, we support The Schooling Project based out of Bangalore, India. They help fund the education of underprivileged children who would have dropped out of school to work on the streets otherwise.

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