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The mission of the Vermont Hand Crafters is to inspire, nurture and promote the creative community of fine crafts and arts in Vermont.

New Lifetime Member

Amanda Weisenfeld.

Amanda Weisenfeld

In the spring of 1987 Amanda participated in a jury at Frog Hollow. She was hoping they would accept her Waldorf inspired cloth dolls. They did not. But that was a pivotal moment in her career as a craft artist. Following that rejection, she did two things. First, Amanda listened and learned from the constructive criticism. Second, she decided to seek out this organization they suggested called the Vermont Hand Crafters. Amanda became a member of VHC in the fall of 1987. The following year she again juried with Frog Hollow and was accepted.

Amanda has participated in 28 Vermont Hand Crafters shows, starting at Memorial Auditorium and moving to the Sheraton. She has enjoyed the same spot in the Diamond room for over 15 years.

Amanda loved making those cloth dolls and she did well with them. Not wanting to get stuck in a rut she thought she would add animals to her collection. They would be made of 100% wool felt. Amanda searched high and low in the pre-internet age, but could not find felt that did not have some amount of synthetic fiber in it. So, she decided to make the felt fabric herself. That opened up a whole new world which, twenty-six years later she is still exploring. Amanda has moved from bunnies and horses, to rugs and pillows, and now lighting all made from felting wool fleece. Amanda has also built wonderful relationships with the Vermont sheep farmers from whom she buys raw fleece.

Amanda Weisenfeld - Under the Moon.