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Caitlin Burch Glassworks

I grew up with glass. An award winning, second generation glassblower; I spent time in the studio with my mother and father from a very young age.  “My initial inspiration for working with glass is its inherent grace and beauty. The ability to transfer and capture the organic fluidity of the molten glass in a finished form or vessel is absolutely magical and amazing.”  Now with two lines of work, handblown glass and lampwork jewelry, I am practicing both crafts. “The fact that I work in two related fields, offhand blown glass and lampworking] has allowed me the unique and challenging opportunity to incorporate individual techniques and skills of each into the other.”  "Glass is binding. My father has always talked about dancing with the glass and living with it. I believe I finally understand what he means. It is a part of me now, a part of everything I do. I love it".  My work is available in galleries across the country and at fine craft shows from March to December in the Northeast.

PO Box 484
Putney, VT 05346