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Genzlinger Family Crafts

Maureen Genzlinger

Ornaments for any occasion! Beautiful ornaments on handcrafted stands can decorate more than holiday trees. They make unique centerpieces for dining room tables, lovely accents on a breakfast counters, end tables, or office desks.

I have been making decorative ornaments since 1979 when I began wrapping crochet thread around a double tetrahedral form made from folded cardstock. Today I make these simple forms into works of art with intricate patterns of color and texture. The materials have expanded from crochet threads to silk ribbons, hand spun and hand dyed threads and textured yarns. Techniques have evolved to include reverse wraps, multiple layers and multiple materials on a single form.

17 Stacy Street
Milton, VT 05468

(802) 891-6667