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Luke Iannuzzi Pottery

I have an affinity for pots of the ancient civilizations particularly Asian, Etruscan and Greek. The taper of an amphora, the roundness of a moon jar or an uncomplicated stroke of a brush are the things that have always captivated me. These aspects can be seen in my work but there is also a modern interpretation of them that comes through my hands, my spirit, my voice.
To me a good pot shows both directness of design as well as the hand of the artist. This is what I am always striving for with my pots; designing to a final, intentional form is always a challenge that I look forward to. The path from idea, to prototype, to something that I feel good about as an art piece or functional pot is where I find the most satisfaction as an artist. I enjoy being both a functional and a Raku potter. Serving two masters has led me to become a more proficient potter as well as having a clearer voice coming through my work.

5711 East Warren Road
Warren, VT 05674

(802) 839-9560