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Mountain High Ceramics

Mollie German

I create contemporary hand built functional ceramics at my studio in Vermont.

White stoneware clay provides for me a crisp canvas for bold glazes that adorn printed lace geometrics and antique typeset lettering.

I enjoy the combination of raw clay with lace as it connects vintage with modern in my pieces. I transform the craft of lace into the here and now, bringing it to new life in the body of the clay. Pieces are solid yet delicately printed mugs, bowls, tumblers, platters, cheese plates, kitchen utensil holders, vases, planters, soap dishes, and tiles.

Glazes are completely food safe, detailed with clean lines and a distinct vision. My process of working with clay is deeply connected to my journey of self-love, curiosity, and respect.

14 North Street #1
Bristol, VT 05443

(802) 371-9790