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Positive Purls

Kate Latz

For over thirty years I have been seriously knitting and working with fibers in all forms, including weaving and felting, but have been more seriously felting in the last ten years. I do both needle felting (dry fiber) and wet felting and each one satisfies a different part of me. The materials involve animal fibers of all kinds though I prefer a merino wool blend along with silks and any material that will make a gorgeous sheen when felted. I am most interested in color and how they interact so that is my passion. Needle felting involves barbed needles, a good sturdy but porous surface to poke the fibers against and of course the animal fiber. I have been doing a lot of colorful, cheerful wall hangings and table trivets recently. I also do custom pet portraits which people request and I work from good photographs of their loved ones. I learned wet felting from an artist in NH and have been enthralled with it ever since. I try to take classes both online and around the New England area. Felting allows for so much learning and exploring. I have also taught felting at my job and at the local community arts center. I love crafting both soft wearables like scarves and shawls but also enjoy making practical art like journal covers, purses, ornaments, bowls and wallets as well as landscapes and hangable artwork.

253 Softwood Road
Wolcott, VT 05680

(802) 839-9967