Little House in Windsor

Amy Hook-Therrien

I love painting with watercolor. When I first started working with the medium it made me nervous not to be able to control it, but in time I learned to love the uncontrollable chaos of it. I use pen & ink for definition in my pieces, giving some areas a harder edge. This plays nicely with the soft flowing texture of watercolor. I mix my paint loosely so that it separates slightly giving the painting texture. I love to paint things from nature, waterfalls, trees, plants, stones, it allows me to be freer in my painting style, nothing ever looks exactly the same in nature. You can fall in love with the imperfect, a flower missing a part of its petal, a tree with a broken branch. Painting in nature is always exciting, and exploring it is my passion.

1195 VA Cutoff Road
White River Junction, VT 05001

(802) 369-6470